Our History

Napier Vineyards, set in a magnificent valley close to Wellington in the Western Cape, owes its name to Sir George Napier, Governor of the Cape of Good Hope from 1837 to 1843. It was Napier that christened the quaint rural town after the famous Duke of Wellington.

From 1989 on, Michael Loubser – the former owner of back then “Napier Winery” – upgraded facilities on the farm. A modern winery was built, followed by a modern maturation and fermentation cellar. The new millennium added a brandy distillery, and alongside handcrafted premium wines now stands the Sir George potstill brandy.

Today, Napier Vineyards is owned by the German Winery Reh Kendermann GmbH and cooperates with its parent company in terms of global sales.

Our wines

Taste what we do with love and passion – Four authentic product lines reflect the diversity of South Africa: Our Lion Creek wines for each day, our internationally inspired Single Vineyard wines, our Bordeaux Blend Red Medallion and the high-end products under the Sir George label. Careful use of old and new barrique barrels supports the finesse and complexity of all our wines.

Our Terroir

Terroir is a term often used nowadays, albeit incorrectly most of the time. Originating from the Latin word ‘terra’ it literally means nothing more than ‘soil’. This narrow meaning is often used in the wine business to communicate the growing conditions and therefore the influence of the soil on the wines.

We, as Napier Vineyards, do understand the term terroir more general. For us, all factors that influence the grapes and thus the wine make up the terroir, which differentiates our wines from every other wine worldwide.

Naturally, the soil makes up a great part of our definition of terroir, but there is more: The micro- and macroclimate, the weather, our trellising system, the grape variety and, and that is possibly the most important factor, our personal influence on grapes and wines. This begins with the planting of the vines by choosing the direction of the vineyard rows and the trellising system and ends with the way we store our bulk wine and filled bottles.

All work in the vineyards is designed to promote the individual characteristics of our grape varieties and create a good balance in the wine.

Best Producer Still wine South Africa
Berliner Wine Trophy 2017

In June 2017 the Jury of Berliner Wine Trophy honors Napier Vineyards with this special award.

This award makes us very proud and shows the potential of our wines as well as the high quality.

Making contact with us

If you are interested in working with us or have questions on our winemaking and production processes, we would be pleased to help.
We are looking forward to you request.