Napier Vineyards, set in a magnificent valley close to Wellington in the Western Cape, owes its name to Sir George Napier, Governor of the Cape of Good Hope from 1837 to 1843. He took an important part in the abolition of slavery in the South African Cape Colony and it was him, who christened the quaint rural town after the famous Duke of Wellington.

Established in 1989, Napier Vineyards has long been in family hands and this tradition has been carried on by Carl Reh, Germany’s wine entrepreneur.

The grapes growing on Napier are crafted by our winemaker Leon Bester. He holds a degree in oenology from Elsenburg Agricultural College in Stellenbosch. Leon is passionate about creating wines with a compelling New World twist, whilst showing the complexity and finesse of some of the best European wines.

Today more than 25 hectars of vineyards belong to Napier.