Social Responsibility

In 2010, Napier completed 14 modern homes for the 14 families of farm workers who stay on the premises. Each of the houses has its own garden, a modern bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and a fireplace. We named our CSR wine project, a juicy, rich Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot blend,  “14 Homes”
Aim of this project is not only to provide the farm workers a roof over their head, but a modern, comfortable, safe and functioning home for themselves and their families.
Napier also covers the school and educational fees for the farm workers‘ children and pays for their transport to and from school.

It exists an educational trust for all children who want to continue learning on a tertiary level and a crèche for all children under the age of five.
Lifeskill workshops for the farm workers are provided and are another way to empower them.